Do poor people have the right to exist? Not in modern America.

America remains the only modern state that does not treat health care as a right.

It is time for  President Biden to fulfill his official campaign promise to provide affordable health care to all. Joe Biden's Healthcare Plan states that it will "give every American access to affordable health insurance." Unfortunately so far he has made no such proposal.

Incredibly, the Biden administration allowed the special enrollment period for health insurance to lapse on January 15th.  It is now illegal to buy health insurance in America until November 1.  This is insane!

Around 1 million people have been killed from the Coronavirus in the United States. How many Americans have to die from the Coronavirus before health care is taken seriously in this country? 2 million? 4 million? What is the figure?

It has been clearly defined that hundreds of thousands of the people who died probably would not have died if we had healthcare as a right (Lancet Study: 40% of U.S. Covid deaths could have been avoided).

According to a recent study, nearly 50 million Americans right now cannot afford needed health care (Common Dreams, 3-31-21). This is unacceptable.

And according to a Commonwealth Fund study published last month, 36% of insured adults in the U.S. surveyed between March and June reported struggling with medical bills. Unsurprisingly, the 45% of the population that was infected with Covid-19, lost income, or lost their employer-based coverage had higher rates of medical debt. (Common Dreams, 8-6-21)

There is also the fact that President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi acted too late to stop the CDC's Eviction Moratorium from expiring. President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi knew the nationwide eviction moratorium would expire on July 31, 2021. In light of the Supreme Court's decision, they had a month to pass legislation to prevent this from happening. And yet Joe Biden waited until two days before the program was set to expire before formally asking Congress to pass an extension. Nancy Pelosi sent the House home on vacation, while the Senate stayed in session.

The CDC did issue a new Eviction Moratorium on August 3rd. But it appears to be more limited in scope than the original. (Reuters, 8-4-21). And there are serious questions about the legality of this new moratorium.

Students are being crushed by student debt. Biden has made no significant commitment to cancel student debt. And students have not been given the chance to cancel their debts in bankruptcy court as is the case with other debts.

Currently the student debt moratorium will end in January.

The American people need health care for all, rent relief and student debt relief. This can be done.

Unfortunately, with a Democratic President, a Democratic Congress and a Democratic Senate, these life and death goals are not being achieved.

$3 Trillion has been spent on Covid relief, $1 trillion is about to be spent on infrastructure, and then there is the proposed $3.5 trillion proposal of Sanders and the Senate Democrats.

This means over $6 trillion dollars and still no commitment to provide health care for all like every other modern state.

It's time to treat the current crisis like a crisis.

The bottom line is that poor people in America are dying for simply being poor.

America needs something better than a "get rich or die" system.

The money is here.   It's time to spend whatever we need to keep our fellow citizens alive.



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