What is real defense? Defense is keeping a country's citizens safe. So far, over a million Americans have died of Covid-19. One would think funding for Covid-19 would be a key national security priority for our leaders. Instead, the government has allocated zero new aid for Covid in the budget.

August 2022 Update:

As of August 2022, no new money has been appropriated for domestic Covid spending. The Manchin-Schumer bill, officially called the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022," does nothing to address the need for universal health coverage. It did not even remove the ban on buying health insurance outside of a limited period for Affordable Health Care (Obamacare) and Medicare Part D. It did continue some Obamacare subsidies but this is far from what is needed. It approved no new funding for COVID at home and abroad. The bill does nothing about health care in general.

This is a dysfunctional situation. When will Covid aid be passed? We don't know because the Senate doesn't come back until the second week of September and that's going to be very busy. So this is a failure of the system.

How many more have to die in the U.S. for our government to take this threat seriously? 2 million? 3 million?

We urge Congress to come back as soon as possible and to fund Covid. Congress should find a bipartisan solution to this crisis.

Congress Cuts Commitment to Vaccinating Globe To Zero

Already President Biden's commitment to vaccinating the globe was cut to a level way below where it should be. It was already cut from $5 billion to $4.25 billion. And now Congress has approved zero new aid.

The decision to ditch the global virus aid was a complete betrayal of public health. There is now no clear path to deliver money that was intended to help bolster global vaccinations and to prepare the U.S. for another variant.

Experts have stated that the U.S. needs to dedicate anywhere from $20 billion to $50 billion to help keep the globe vaccinated. We ourselves have recommended $20 billion.

Back in September 2021, the Secretary-General of the UN and several global health experts called on America to make a major commitment to assisting the world's poor in fighting Covid. In fairness to President Biden, there was some money in the March Covid bill passed by Congress, but that was grossly inadequate for the world's poor.

So this is morally bankrupt. It is the year 2022 and President Biden has still not proposed much of anything for global Covid. This is a morally defining moment. Our planet is hit by the greatest epidemic within memory and the rich nations refuse to help the poor.

Funding For Testing and Treatment for the Uninsured Has Been Gutted

Perhaps most alarmingly, the federal government has stopped accepting claims for testing and treatment for uninsured people by March 22, 2022—potentially leaving these people on the hook for the cost of getting Covid-19. April 5, 2022 marked the last day uninsured people can get free vaccinations, according to the White House. 


Global Covid Plan

Vaccines for the Rich. Death for the Poor



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