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In February 2023, The United Nations appealed to countries not to forget the civilians caught up in the War in Sudan, asking for $4.1 billion to meet humanitarian needs and help support refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. Speaking on the matter during a press conference on March 28, 2024, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, U.S. Representative to the United Nations, said, "Nearly a year since this crisis began, the situation in Sudan remains catastrophic, and it is only getting worse. Right now, just five percent of the UN's humanitarian appeal for Sudan has been met. Already, the World Food Program has had to cut assistance to over seven million people in Chad and South Sudan."

Since the War in Sudan began on April 15, 2023, living conditions have only grown grimmer for the people trying to survive there. The Rapid Support Forces have raided warehouses storing critical aid for the country, and Sudanese Army Forces allegedly prevent aid shipments across the Chad border from entering Sudan. The warring parties seem intent on keeping the civilians in a desperate position and unable to acquire even the most basic survival needs. Some 18 million Sudanese people are currently facing acute food insecurity while also trying to navigate through the perils of being caught in the crossfire. Clean water is scarce, and many preventable diseases like measles and cholera have begun to spread, creating many more life-threatening conditions for the Sudanese people than just the war itself.  If new crops cannot be grown because of the carnage, this will be have severe results.

A death toll in the millions is likely if things do not change. Unfortunately, America is must more interested in sending billions in aid to Ukraine and Israel.  New priorities are needed.  Serious levels of aid need to be sent to Sudan.

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The Sudan Civil War has left parts of Africa in complete turmoil as 2.3 million refugees seek safety in Chad, Ethiopia, and South Sudan. At the same time, another 2.2 million remain internally displaced and seeking safety, ultimately creating one of the world's worst refugee crises ever.

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