We are a new organization but our goals are timeless.   We want to create a world in harmony with nature.  We want to create a world of social justice where people live in peace

Our world cannot continue in its current form.   Our leaders are presiding over the greatest destruction of the biological foundations of life seen in history. And scientists around the world are in near unanimous agreement that human beings are causing a sixth major mass extinction. This doesn't just have ramifications for the natural world, but the most dire implications for humanity itself.

Meanwhile, impossible financial debts are being run up by the world's largest economy, America.  Trillion dollar budget deficits extend as far as the eye can see.  Hundreds of billions are being lost every year by an economy that cannot compete in world markets.  America used to be the world's largest creditor.  Today, net public and private international debt is near ten trillion dollars.

Change is coming no matter what our leaders do.  It is very simple.  Today's trends are going to end because they cannot continue.

The key question facing the world is whether change takes place in an orderly non-violent manner or comes as a result of an ecological and financial collapse.   Such events will likely produce a death toll in the billions.

Thus, political action is vital.  That is why we have create Global Future Action.

We support ideas like the Green New Deal.

We oppose the current global escalation of military spending and imperial plans by America.

We support in America basic tenets of social justice and common sense such as the right of health care for all.

A list of some of our priorities is on our reports page.

We believe there is hope for the future. We have the technology. But we need to summon the political willpower to make needed change happen. There is no more time for meaningless happy talk or empty reforms. Greta Thunberg may only be 15 years old. But she's a prophetic figure for our time. She addressed the United Nations and said, "Change is coming, whether you like it or not." She also said, "You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes." Currently, our world is a house on fire. We don't have time to debate whether it is on fire or not. We need to make drastic change before it's too late.

Yet these changes require a centralized government and international cooperation.

We're not promising to have all the answers. But we believe some of our ideas are a good place to start.


Al Bruen - President

Al Bruen has over 30 years experience working in the non-profit world, serving as an executive and a consultant for some of America’s largest non-profit organizations. His areas of expertise include the global environmental crisis, international security and social justice.

Jessica Johnson - Executive Director

Jessica Johnson has many years of experience in public interest work. She helps to coordinate a global communications strategy for Earth Future Action. She has helped organize and maintain the website, along with writing several key articles.

Ruby Bollwahn - Vice President

As Vice President, Ruby Bollwahn is responsible for organizing and supervising administrative activities, managing and delegating work to employees and monitoring the organization's finances.