Up to now we have supported aid to Ukraine but today we have very serious questions.

Since the 2022 invasion, Ukraine has received over $230 Billion in worldwide aid. This is almost three times Russia's annual military budget.   Visualizing $233B in recent Ukraine aid (Visual Capitalist, 11-12-23)

Biden is proposing sending a staggering $61 billion to Ukraine.  (Washington Post.)  The US Government should not consider sending such a large sum while we have so many unanswered questions about where all this money has gone and the corruption in the Zelensky regime and in Ukraine itself.  A far smaller amount such as $6 billion will hold the line.  Meanwhile, we need hard information about what is the plan for ending the war.

There a growing questions about Zelensky and a growing danger he could involve the US in a larger war.

World War I began because Germany gave Austria-Hungary a blank check. Today, President Biden wants America to do the same for Ukraine. He wants to continue providing tens of billions of dollars to military and economic aid without significant conditions. It makes little sense and is also unsafe. Ukraine's actions could involve the U.S. in a nuclear war with Russia. U.S. policy towards Ukraine must be made in Washington, DC, not by President Zelensky or outside sources.

So far things are clearly going very badly.  The grand "counter offensive" by Ukraine has turned into a total disaster and a failure in spite of frantic efforts to put a pretty face on the situation.

There is growing domestic opposition to Zelensky at home.   Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief Says the War Is a Stalemate (Anti War, 11-02-23)

There are many growing questions about the Zelensky regime in Kyiv.

What is the current death toll of the Ukrainian people?  Zelensky continually refuses to tell how many people have died in the war he is running. Withholding this information is completely unacceptable and needs to be made public.  US intelligence must be required to make its estimates public.

Has Zelensky been organizing international assassination teams to kill people he does not like?   It is now documented by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and other prestigious news sources in October of this year that Ukraine has supposedly been organizing assassination teams to eliminate people considered a threat. Among the people murdered was Daria Dugan, daughter of philosopher Alexander Dugan, an innocent civilian.

The US needs to make public its information on this.  If true, Zelensky should be required to prosecute those who did this crime.

The US must also receive assurances that he is shutting down his global hit squads.

U.S. Believes Ukrainians Were Behind an Assassination in Russia (The New York Times, 10-05-22)

U.S. Believes Ukraine Was Behind Assassination of Putin Ally’s Daughter (The Wall Street Journal 10-25-22)

Ukraine bombs Russian train

SBU Blows Up Freight Train in Rail Tunnel Deep Inside Russia (Kyiv Post, 11-30-23)

Ukraine says it blew up railway in eastern Russia (BBC News, 12-1-23)

Who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline?
Did Ukraine do this?  The US government must make public what it knows about a serious act of international terrorism.

When is Zelensky going to stop putting his political opponents in jail?
It's not enough for him to claim that everyone who opposes him is a Putin supporter.

When is Zelensky going to stop suppressing the freedom of the press?

When is Zelensky going to stop suppressing freedom of religion?

Why is he afraid to face Ukrainian voters in 1924?  He wants to cancel the scheduled free elections to stay in power.

Internal Polling Suggests Zelensky Would Lose Election to Gen. Zaluzhny (Anti-War, 11-29-23)

Is Zelensky mentally stable Time magazine recently ran an article suggesting that Zelensky is a megalomaniac opposed to peace. Time magazine supports the Ukrainian war, so it's very troubling that an article like this would appear from them. We should have specific questions on whether President Zelensky has the mental competence to conduct a war when Ukraine relies so heavily on the United States as a means of support.

‘Nobody Believes in Our Victory Like I Do.’ Inside Volodymyr Zelensky’s Struggle to Keep Ukraine in the Fight (Time, 10-30-23)

What is the point of all of this?
Significant issues like these and many others exist, with even more fundamental problems remaining unresolved as the questions keep mounting and growing daily.

Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief Says the War Is a Stalemate (Anti War, 11-02-23)

What strategies should they make moving forward?
A cease-fire and peace talks should be the main priority of both Ukraine and Russia. Bring an end to this war and stop the senseless killings.

Americans at home are literally getting killed by the thousands because our nation refuses to finance national health insurance to all... as every other modern state does.

Giving a potentially unstable foreign dictator a blank check and a free lunch of billions of US arms and money is an outrage.

No more money should be sent to Ukraine until we get straight answers about what is going on.