President Biden states that history is watching him.  He is right.  History will judge Biden's actions on the Gaza slaughter and the dangerous war in Ukraine as some of the most despicable and shameful actions in the entire history of the country.  His $95 billion war and death bill should be voted down by all decent people in the House.

February 13th, 2024, will go down as a true day of infamy in the history of the United States Senate. On that day, the U.S. Senate voted to pass Biden's shameful and reckless war and death bill.  They voted to send $14 billion of military aid to Israel to continue its deliberate slaughter of Palestinian civilians. The U.S. Senate clearly does not believe that Israel is killing the Palestinians fast enough. So far, 28,000 Palestinians have been killed by the the US and Israel, and the toll could reach 100,000 or maybe hundreds of thousands due to the deliberate US-Israeli destruction of most life support systems for millions of Palestinians in Gaza.

Providing adequate food, water and medical aid has been hindered because America and Israel are currently blocking most of it, allowing in amounts of aid that are a grim joke in terms of what is needed.

On February 13 the U.S. Senate took more actions that are 100% certain to kill off many of the survivors of American-Israeli war policies in Gaza.   It voted  to cut off funding for the number one agency that is supplying what little help there is to the Palestinians.  In other words, people like Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell cut off funding for the heroes who are under the US-Israeli bombs, who are starving because of a lack of food and water.   Schumer and McConnell find this as something to be proud of. It is not. It is an absolute disgrace!

The suggestion that another agency can quickly replace UNRWA is a total lie. This organization has been there for years, caring for the sick, wounded, and dying. Who is more qualified and ready to step into UNRWA's position? It is a lie, Senator Schumer.  It is a lie, President Biden, to suggest that these people are replaceable. You are actively involved in the killing of civilians in Gaza, and you are lying about it to the public.

Furthermore, this aid is being shut down on the basis of a tiny number of complaints from Israel that have not even been verified by anybody else.

On top of this, there is also the $60 billion to escalate a dangerous slaughter in Ukraine. The United States is backing a mentally unstable leader who has just fired his military commander and replaced him with a man called "the butcher." U.S. leaders want to use the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder to weaken Russia and have desired this since their war began. That is the U.S. Government's plan, which has been relatively successful. What has not been as successful is the so-called "helping" of Ukraine. Ukraine is being destroyed, not helped.

Biden's war policies in Ukraine are increasing the chances of a nuclear war.   The U.S. is giving criminal weapons such as cluster bombs to the Ukrainians. These are an enormous evil and Jake Sullivan even bragged about the fact that he was sending long-range cluster bombs which could hit Russia.  The Russian people are not about to sit by and see their citizens slaughtered with cluster bombs by a deranged dictator in Kiev.  Also the war could easily create a nuclear power plant disaster due to the huge complex that sits in the war zone.

While Mr. Zelensky is big hero in Washington, he would would likely lose the next election in Ukraine but Ukraine has spent millions of dollars lobbying the Congress and that explains a good part of what you see in the US Congress and media.

What is needed in Ukraine is a plan to end a very dangerous war that is destroying Ukraine.. Instead people such as Schumer, Biden and McConnell are egging on the Ukrainians to fight to the last Ukrainian to defend their imperial delusions. That is the truth.   So far Biden has rejected all efforts at diplomacy and even made the insane statement that America should give the increasingly unstable Mr. Zelensky a blank check after he has already received hundreds of billions in aid even before Biden's new plan.

In Ukraine and Gaza American efforts should be aimed at saving lives, not destroying them.   Ceasefires need to be a priority.

This bill must be defeated.  People must vote against any kind of discharge position in the house.