On Joe Biden's website are more details about his agenda for communities of color. We included a few details about this below.

"Vice President Joe Biden will make sure that people historically left out of the middle class—whether due to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religion—have the chance to succeed. He will be unflinching in confronting the systemic racism in our country that is built into our laws, our policies, and our institutions and will take aggressive action to correct them—ripping out the inequities in housing, health care, education, the economy, our criminal justice system, and so many other areas. Rooting out systemic racism and ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and has equal opportunity is built into all of Joe’s domestic policies." (

His agenda includes the following goals:

- Create Wealth in the Black Community: Joe Biden plans to ensure that first time homebuyers are able to get $15,000 in federal down payment assistance. He will invest over $70 billion in HBCUs and other MSIs, and on top of that provide loan forgiveness that works for public servants. And, Joe will double funding for the State Small Business Credit Initiative to $3 billion to assist small businesses, especially those owned by people of color.

- Invest in Communities through Housing: Joe Biden plans to build new and repair existing affordable housing and draw housing and community development capital to low-income communities. He plans to end redlining and other discriminatory and unfair practices in the housing market. And, he plans to protect tenants from eviction. Joe will expand funding for shelters and other homelessness programs.

- Protect and Build on Obamacare: Joe Biden plans to give Americans a new choice to purchase a public health insurance option like Medicare. He will automatically enroll individuals in the public option, without a premium, who would be eligible for Medicaid but for their state’s unwillingness to take up the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

- Invest in Our Students and Educators: Joe will triple Title I funding, which goes to schools with a high percentage of low-income students.

- Support Education Beyond High School: Joe will provide two years of community college or other high-quality training program without debt for any hard-working individual.

- Invest in a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice: Joe will invest $1.7 trillion over the next ten years in a clean energy revolution, creating 10 million good-paying jobs.

- Make a Transformational Investment in our Country’s Infrastructure: Joe will invest $1 trillion over ten years to rebuild our roads, bridges, railway, freight, and ports.

- Strengthen the Right to Vote: Joe will strengthen our democracy by guaranteeing that every American’s vote is protected. He will start by restoring the Voting Rights Act and then ensuring the Justice Department challenges state laws suppressing the right to vote.

- Strengthen America’s Commitment to Justice: Joe will create a $20 billion competitive grant program to spur states to focus on prevention and reduce incarcerated populations.

- End Violence Against Women: Joe will build on the landmark Violence Against Women Act, which he wrote and championed, by expanding the safety net for survivors and changing the culture that enables sexual violence.


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On the Democrat Senate site are details about their proposal to invest $350 billion into communities of color.

Only July 16, 2020, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Democrats unveiled the Economic Justice Act, a major new legislative proposal to make $350 billion in immediate and long-term investments into Black communities and communities of color.

"Senate Democrats’ Economic Justice Act would seek to partially offset the cost of the proposal by re-programming $200 billion of unspent CARES Act funds that were previously provided to the Department of Treasury to facilitate corporate lending by the Federal Reserve. Instead of allowing hundreds of billions of dollars in government assistance to sit idly at the Treasury, Senate Democrats would seek to re-program these dollars during negotiations for a fourth COVID-19 bill, in tandem with the robust provisions of the House’s Heroes Act. Importantly, this proposal would be in addition to the historic House-passed Heroes Act, not a replacement or supplement." (

"The Economic Justice Act has two main objectives: to immediately help communities of color respond to the pandemic through a $135 billion investment in child care, mental health and primary care, and jobs, and to build wealth and health in these communities over the next five years by investing $215 billion as a down payment for infrastructure, a homeowner down payment tax credit, Medicaid expansion, and more." (

Below are some parts of the Senate proposal:

- Child Care is Essential Program: Invest in and stabilize child care providers in communities, including communities of color. ($50 billion).

- Expand and Improve Access to Community Health Care: Support community-based behavioral, mental, and primary health care providers and services to increase access to care and incentivize providers to serve in high need areas, including communities of color. ($40 billion).

- Federally Supported Jobs, Training and At-Risk Youth Initiatives: Connect workers to in-demand jobs. ($25 billion).

- Capital and Support for Small Businesses: Make investments in community-focused lenders to facilitate more lending to small businesses in communities of color. ($20 billion).

- Down Payment on Building 21st Century Infrastructure: High-speed Internet, Affordable Housing, Community Development Investment, K-12 Public School/Library/MSI Construction, and Environmental Justice. ($115 billion).

- New Homeowner Down Payment Tax Credit: With historically low interest rates for home mortgages, provide $15,000 per family to expand access to homeownership. ($40 billion).

- Renters and Low Income Housing Tax Credits: Reduce rent and utilities to 30% of income for low-income individuals and families and build new low-income rental properties. ($30 billion).

- Expand Medicaid Coverage: Incentivize Medicaid expansion in non-expansion states. ($15 billion).

- Address Maternal Mortality and Health: Expand comprehensive Medicaid coverage to all pregnant individuals for one-year postpartum; fund grant programs to implement maternal safety standards; improve access to midwife and doula services; and more. ($15 billion).

- 10-20-30 Anti-Poverty Initiative and Hiring and Contracting Opportunities: Require a greater share of federal community and economic development funding go to communities with "persistent" and high poverty rates and create opportunities in federally-funded infrastructure projects for local hiring in communities of color and contracts for disadvantaged businesses.


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